Remanufactured Office Furniture Products

We specialize in remanufacturing office furniture from major name brands such as Steelcase 9000 Series, Steelcase Avenir, Herman Miller Ethospace and Herman Miller Action Office 2. We are located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA but service the major Western States


ABM Office Solutions, Inc. is committed to an eco-friendly environment. And toward that end, we offer reconditioned workstations to businesses that are growing, relocating, downsizing or just upgrading their existing facilities. We offer reconditioned Steelcase: 9000® and Avenir®; Herman Miller: Ethospace® and Action Office 2®.

Because of our buying opportunities in finding original Steelcase and Herman Miller product, and our commitment to recycling, we are able to take this "as is" original existing product and transforming it to ...making it affordable vs the cost of new!

We strip all existing panels: straighten, sand and repaint all metal. Choosing from our collection of Burch Fabrics Group and True Textiles, among others, we will restore and convert the panel blank. We also use original HM/Steelcase UL listed electrical components. All worksurfaces are new because we have not been able to recycle existing worksurfaces without compromising their integrity.

  • Workstations are built to your custom needs.
  • Laminate work surfaces are new.
  • You pick the fabric and finishes.
  • Our warranty statement is available for your review.

Providing legendary quality and performance. Offering optional tops and storage: It is easy to see why the 9000® series is one of the best selling office systems in the world.

Steelcase 9000 is an excellent systems furniture line that keeps evolving to meet the needs of businesses.

We are able to take your drawings/layout and configure to your specifications. This includes workstations to team spaces, to private offices that support both independent or teamwork. This sytem offers many options, choices, and applications to fit the framework, or break the mold.

The Steelcase 9000 system is a durable, flexible, and time proven when choosing an office system.


Offering a range of storage solutions and worksurface options that not only manage information, but also help to create a more effective workspace. The Avenir systems line includes the following components to help you create a workspace that perfectly meets the needs of your business today, and in the future:

  • Panels
  • Worksurfaces
  • Desks
  • Service Modules
  • Tables
  • Fixed and mobile pedestals, credenzas, bins and shelves
  • Lighting


Ethospace's familiar frame-and-tile design provides the foundation for a lighter, more contemporary appearance emphasizing less mass, new angles, and grooved, perforated, and translucent tiles. Open and adjustable returns make workstations lighter-scaled while reducing their cost. New understructures are leaner, to better open up spaces and lower workstation costs.

Herman Miller defines quality based on what the customer's wants and needs. They design products that help your employees work more comfortably, efficiently, and effectively, in an environment that inspires.

Their products not only last, but will continue to look great and adapt to decades of use and reconfiguration.

It is designed to evolve as work environments evolve, while maintaining the integrity of its high performance design. This versatility makes Ethospace a comprehensive system--one that can define and refine a space in the most effective way.


Herman Miller Action Office 2® is reconfigurable with components designed to respond to inevitable changes in the workplace. Panels, work surfaces, and hanging storage units combine for a strategic balance.

The system limits the number of components to the most basic and versatile, simplifying ordering, installation, and inventory storage.

The Action Office was designed with the intention of providing space to work, privacy, and an increase in productivity. It was certainly not designed to increase employee density in small areas of office space.

It quickly became a successful product due to the rise in white-collar jobs, rise in office remodeling costs, and government changes in office furniture depreciation specifications.